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Our Process


Meet With You

As soon as you contact us, we will meet with you to brainstorm ideas and designs, and tell you what sort of work the job will entail.

Decide on Materials

During our meeting with you, we will help you determine what materials are best for the look and feel you want, then you can take some time to make decisions. While we don't need ALL decisions final to complete the bid, we do need at least a close concept of the materials you're planning to use.

We Write the Bid

Once a design is decided on, we write you a “No-Commitment” bid containing all the details, so there is no confusion once the project starts.

Sign the Contract

A contract containing price, the scope of work, and things to protect both of us will be sent to you for both parties to sign. If necessary due to size of project, we will also include a Progress Payment plan, as well as a schedule of work. You may be required to make a deposit for work to begin.

Project Begins!

Once you are ready, and everything is clearly understood, we will begin work.

Progressive Payments

Depending on size, your job may be broken up into phases. At the end of each phase, a patial payment will be due.

Change Orders

We are flexible! Even after work has begun, if you change your mind about a piece of the project or materials you would like to use - that is okay! A change order will be provided to disclose the additional cost added to the original contract, and future progressive payments will be adjusted accordingly.

Project Completed

When the project is completed, we will do a walk-through with you, the homeowner, to be sure our work meets your standards- and we’re sure it will!.


After the walk-through, you will receive an invoice either in person or by email, with the total cost of the job, and showing whatever balance is left to be paid.

Final Payment

Once payment is received, if you would like, we can send you a secondary receipt showing the balance on the invoice paid-off.