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Our Family

“Grampa Jim”

“Grampa” James Wayne Dugan started framing houses from the ground up in 1942. With that, a family tradition was started. He put a hammer in my mom’s hand when she was a little girl and she hasn’t put one down since.

It was a different time back then – and even more rare than it is today for a young woman to be working in construction. But that never stopped her. As a teen in the late 60s and early 70s, my mother would often work on jobs with Grampa Jim, quickly becoming his “right-hand man.” She even had the opportunity to instruct a team of framers on a large commercial building project as a young adult!

After my mom got married, it seemed inevitable that her new husband would join the family trade. Thankfully, Dad has never been one to shy away from learning something new. My mother and father both built houses from the ground up starting at the beginning of their marriage, and haven’t stopped since.

When they had children of their own, a third generation of builders began. Much like her own father, my mother put a hammer in my hand just about as soon as I could run. As early as I can remember, I was helping with small projects around my childhood home in Ramona, CA.

As I got older, more coordinated, and more responsible – I was able to begin working for the family business. Even in my teen years, I remember walking the lumber walls of newly framed buildings, and being proud when I earned the strength to help Dad set beams in new homes. 

Tyrone’s mom working on the roof of their home in San Diego


Building a goat shed on our homestead in Escondido, CA


Today, with the experience of my grandfather and parents guiding my way, holding a hammer and nail seems as natural as a pen and paper to me.

I started off as a teenager working for my parents in framing, a skill that has been in my family for 3 generations. Throughout my late teen and early adult years, I continued to learn many other aspects of construction; concrete, plumbing, electrical, and eventually landed in tile & stone. I worked as a Journeyman Tile Setter for 5 years before the desire to get back to my roots grew strong enough that I decided to obtain my General Contractor’s license.

My hard-earned reputation as a finish contractor and eye for custom work allowed me to hit the ground running upon starting my own business. I knew remodels were a good place to start with my background in rough construction and many connections to long-established subcontractors. Now, after nearly a decade in business, we have done everything from simple guest bathroom remodels all the way up to new custom home builds, and everything in between!

With 20+ years of construction experience, I have been on jobs of all sizes and types. My wife often says I have to stay in construction forever simply because I get too antsy to not be working with his hands. My projects are not limited to those “on the job”. You can often find me chipping away at projects on our Homestead in Escondido. These projects include goat barns, chicken coops, garden beds, and most recently, the start of our own custom home.

A little about Cassandra…

Cassandra has also been around construction her entire life, and even has her own fair share of experience “on the job”. Her father is a concrete contractor, who did large commercial and residential jobs all over the country. Because of this, she grew up working summers with her dad and learning how to lay footings, rebar, and float and stamp concrete. Like me, she was born into a multi-generational construction family of masons and plasterers. It seemed like the natural course of things that she ended up marrying into another family of contractors and helping me start my own construction business shortly after we were married in 2014.

Cassandra’s professional skills are mostly in business operations, and she can often be found helping me draft bids, invoices, and emails, since her patience for computers runs much longer than mine (do you know any contractors who do like computers?).

We hope you trust our family with your family’s project, and we look forward to meeting you soon!


Tyrone Parsons
General Contractor, LIC. #1037280
Owner, TCP Build, Inc.

My wife Cassandra and I, Owners of TCP Build, Inc.